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Your campaign begins with a full onboarding phase. We discuss your past link building efforts, business USP, keywords, goals, competition, expectations and scope. The primary goal of this phase is to clearly set the stage for your campaign.


Your campaign is fueled by research and development. We conduct an in-depth analysis of your industry, competition, and website in order to evaluate opportunities, discover linkable assets and ideate new concepts for promotion.


Based on your company insights and our research, we develop a custom link building campaign strategy. This deliverable will detail how each campaign goal will be met, as well as the tactics used for each campaign. Strategies are customised to your website’s current performance and goals.


With a solid strategy in place, we now begin securing relevant links for your campaign. This execution phase includes content creation, target site prospecting, testing, pitching and outreach. The tactics we use will depend on your business and industry. Generally, we build links in four different ways.



This tactic leverages the ‘low hanging fruit’ opportunities, and is designed to provide the foundation of any new campaign. Opportunities include: competitor links, unlinked brand mentions, answering questions on Q&A sites, and monitoring journalist requests.



This tactic leverages any promotional activity, and lends itself very well to eCommerce businesses. Opportunities include: product giveaways, competitions, product discounts, or other sponsorships to attract links and attention.



This tactic leverages existing relationships, and is typically one of the first techniques we use to establish a strong baseline link profile. Opportunities include: suppliers, complimentary businesses, charities, networks, or partners.



This tactic leverages content assets, and forms the bread and butter of our link building campaigns. In our experience, this is the best way of attracting high quality editorial links. Opportunities include: outreach to promote infographics, visualisations, ‘how to’ guides, and other useful tools.


You get real-time updates throughout the duration of your campaign, as well as a full link report once the promotion is finished. Naturally, high performing content campaigns may still earn links well after the initial promotion phase so we will continue to report on organic links as we adjust and continue the campaign.