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LaunchPointe: resource centre


The problem

CardConnect, a leader in integrated payments, have been producing some great content on their blog. The problem we found is that a lot of the content became quickly outdated, overlapped with articles covering similar topics, or were hard for users to find within the old categorisation system.

Our solution

We worked closely with CardConnect on a content maintenance and strategy project, with the goal to develop a branded resource centre for growing businesses and payment partners. We covered the following areas within the strategy:

  • Full content audit and analysis
  • Content maintenance and removal plan
  • Low performing content improvements
  • Content topic modelling
  • Blog content re-categorisation
  • Resource centre naming
  • Content topic idea generation
  • Resource content writing and optimisation
Thank you and your team SO much for all your incredible work to bring this big idea to life. We are so lucky to work with talented people like you to produce fun work like this! Thank you, thank you.

The results

A resource centre for building business, LaunchPointe. With only 4 weeks since the launch, LaunchPointe has attracted over 3,800 visits. We will be updating these figures over the coming months as we continue to create and promote this content.

It is our goal to provide partners the tools they need to grow their business - and that goes beyond payments. There are a ton of great articles, tips and tricks on how to effectively grow your business. Incredible work by my fellow teammates and Pandable.

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