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Best practice JavaScript SEO results in 564% increase in organic traffic

If You Want To

The challenge

If You Want To are an innovative green products and services discovery platform, promoting projects that help to protect our environment, economy and communities. We were approached by the CEO in March 2017 due to the site's content not being indexed in Google. This was largely a result of a mishandled migration from beta.iywto.com to iywto.com in November 2016, as well as the site being built on an ‘un-crawlable’ JavaScript framework, backbone.js.

Our solution

We carried out a thorough technical site audit, including log file analysis and using Google’s fetch and render to fully understand crawling, rendering, and indexing issues. Recommendations included:

  • Update internal links with regular anchor tags within the HTML
  • Return pre-rendered HTML snapshots to search engine bots
  • Correctly return error status codes (4xx) on error pages
  • Resolve domain canonicalisation issues
Pandable delivered a very thorough SEO audit. Complete with a set of specific, actionable recommendations ranging from basic fixes to improving the navigation system and meta data syntax; to solving the major Google indexing issue we had.

The results

With our recommendations implemented, the results were extremely positive, and are still improving.


site URLs indexed in Google (out of 938)

214 %

more keywords ranked on page 1

564 %

overall increase in organic traffic acquisition

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