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Content pruning improves conversions


The problem

MIST were experiencing some keyword cannibalisation issues, where their blog posts (hosted on Wordpress) outranked product pages (on OpenCart) for commercial terms, resulting in missed opportunities for website sales.

Our solution

We carried out a content quality review for MIST to fully diagnose the issues, and develop a roadmap for improvement. This roadmap consisted of several phases, including:

  • Building a new topic cluster model around key informational topics
  • Re-assigning and consolidating content into a new category structure
  • Removing low quality, or empty, tag and category pages
  • Consolidating product review blog content into the product pages themselves

The results

This resulted in three benefits:

  1. Product pages were enriched with unique and useful review based content
  2. Keyword cannibalisation issues were eliminated
  3. Product pages began replacing and outranking blog content for commercial terms

7.4 %

organic conversion rate in August 2018

113 %

increase in organic conversion rate

9 %

improvement in bounce rate