Our mission is simple

To inspire organic business growth through innovative thinking and problem solving. We believe in fun and rewarding partnerships, sustained online growth, and celebrate collaborative success with our clients.

Pandable is a small, but experienced, team who offer something a little different.

We believe in a fun and rewarding partnership, and seek to work collaboratively with clients to ensure growth and success as a team. We value honest and transparent communication and ensure that we deliver SEO services in a digestible way for our clients.

Our process is simple: we refuse to compromise on quality. Each project, regardless of where it may sit within our service offering, goes through the following phases: Audit, Strategy, Action, Refine. Repeat.

We are an ambitious team of people, with backgrounds in Cognitive Science, Music, Retail, Marketing and Psychology. We offer a number of SEO services to form an integrated approach to your organic marketing needs, using a mix of technical and creative solutions, and are on hand whether you need a ‘full-service’ approach or consulting-only.

Who we help

A selection of brands we are thrilled to have worked with/on at Pandable, including direct clients and external consultation projects.

Our senior team

Lucy Kirkness

Director & Head of SEO

Liv Taylor-Weale

SEO Specialist

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