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We power your search marketing with data-informed decision making. From business intelligence, to Technical SEO, Content marketing, Digital PR, and Analytics - unless we can explore questions, we don't give answers.

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I have worked with several ‘experts’ and none of them compare to my experience with Pandable. While the team is super proficient on the technical side, everything is distilled in a way that is creative, detailed, easy-to-comprehend and perfectly organized. Lucy and Liv have done a phenomenal job with our projects. They have provided excellent communication and transparent reporting, in addition to bringing a creative approach and detailed analysis to all the goals we’ve looked to accomplish.

Mike Starosciak


Pandable delivered a very thorough SEO audit. Complete with a set of specific, actionable recommendations ranging from basic fixes to improving the navigation system and meta data syntax; to solving the major Google indexing issue we had. Thanks to Pandable, two months later, our green lifestyle marketplace is helping people who search on Google to find the best services to live sustainable.

Francesco Cara


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